Now, I have a personal website! So what?

Personal website, here we go!

Truth is, I am excited. Are you as excited as I am? I mean this is BIG! Vunja Bei does not have a website but I do! Can I get a standing ovation here, please? Thank you.

Okay, pettiness aside, for those who know me know I have been a mover in Tanzania’s digital transformation scene and 9 times out of 10, I would recommend businesses to have websites to become more visible online because the benefits are crucial.

Here we are talking about a personal website, a very essential platform that I haven’t really advocated for enough.

Picture Diamond Platnumz having a personal website that is a one-stop-shop for his photos, music, videos, show tickets, charity mobilizations and merchandise (T-Shirts, hats, hoodies, mugs, phone cases and water flasks to mention a few), Done?

Now, my imagination tells me that maybe in as early as 2018, Diamond Platnumz could’ve already become one of Africa’s untouchable artists in terms of brand power, influence, reach and of course income generation.

Those 50-50 or 60-40 advertising revenue splits he makes with for instance YouTube LLC, could have been all 100% for him but that is just not the case.

The worst-case scenario will be one of these social media platforms such as Instagram shutting down, followers gone! I don’t want that to happen but if that happens then Diamond Platnumz will lose more than 13 million followers!

Anyway, back to the matter. I just launched my personal website! So what? For what? Personal Branding? Nah, that is too easy. Let me tell you what is going to happen.

This is my résumé (CV)

This website has everything to do with me as an entrepreneur and the journey towards financial freedom.

With the amazingly talented teams I work with, I help businesses grow their market shares and that calls for me to use my skills in marketing, creative directing, writing and corporate communications to achieve that goal.

Potential collaborators and clients can get to understand me as a person and how I do business before they even decide to reach out to me, interesting, isn’t it?

What about potential employers? Well, I am not a fan of monthly paycheques but hey, feel free to impress me, for instance, a good cause or a seat at the table can impress me.

Discover more about me.

From Dar to the world

So finally, a boy from Dar es Salaam can share his ideas and agendas with the world and receive feedback.

I encourage you to dive into my pool of creativity and swim in my thoughts, experiences and opinions artistically packaged to make you see common things from new perspectives.

People frequently ask me these questions.

Network equals net worth

I can’t find the proper words to explain how different my life would have turned out if I had not met the people I know right now.

Apparently, there is a whole world to meet out there and I would need to clone myself a million times to meet just a tenth of the world population but I am optimistic that through this website I have more chances to build and extend my network just fine.

Read what people say about me.

A chance for you to learn from me

I am full of knowledge and ideas and of course, I give a lot more to people who meet me in person but as I said earlier, I can’t reach everyone in person so here I am, sharing with you God’s gift to me, with hopes to uplift you so that you uplift others.

Relax and let me entertain you

I’m a very interesting and talented person, and as this is also my personal playground, I have all the reasons to make it count with overflowing creativity aimed at relieving your stress.

There’s no telling how these creative juices are going to be flowing, just subscribe and wait for that notification fam.

It is a business opportunity

You will see me promote life-enriching products that I personally use. The current focus is tourism and digital products. Don’t believe me, just watch!

Once again, I am excited like I discovered gold in my backyard and if you are a professional in your industry and you are reading this last paragraph, I appreciate you and I wish you the best in finding inspiration on this site. Bless

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