Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Well, you are not the only one. See how I’ve answered questions from curious souls just like you.

Creative directing

Yes, stunning content.

Yes, those are my favourite since I’m very artistic.

Yes, send me the song so I can vibe to it first, please.

Yes, I love doing that.

Fortunately, I don’t. I am a creative personnel trusted by both production studios and clients to help them achieve their vision in the most creative way possible.

Expect me to live up to my word.


Yes, perfectly.

On most occasions, the content is created to fit a predefined audience, it helps tailor the best message for them.

Well, three things are usually considered; client preference, analytics and our experience.

Editorial work

Usually takes three seconds to edit a single word and around fifteen minutes to edit a full page of 330 words but a specific timeline shall be provided once the work has been reviewed.

I am guided by professional ethics which require me to uphold utmost confidentiality with client information and on top of that, a Non-Disclosure Agreement will be provided for both parties to sign.

We translate documents, websites, mobile apps, books etc across English, Swahili, French and Chinese languages.

All sorts of documents.

Business write-ups

I create business plans and proposals tailored to meet your business needs today and in the future. In the midst of the fast-growing technology advancements, I have an idea of how your business can continue being relevant in 2030, and oh! I almost forgot to mention that your business proposal also comes in a video format upon request.

When I write a business plan, I involve the business owner, a business consultant and a lawyer to make sure you get an airtight legit business plan in hand.

Marketing services

Yes, at your call.

The simplest websites take a minimum of 24 hours to create but standard websites can take up to three working days. If you need a complex website, then a specific timeline shall be provided once the requirements have been reviewed.

Just a few minutes or sometimes longer, depending on the campaign objective.

Digital marketing makes your business/product/brand visible online, while digital distribution makes your service/product available for purchase online.

We choose the most suitable social media platform based on client preference or experience. We are also guided by analytics that suggest the best performing platforms for specific types of businesses.

Because there is an ever-growing number of social media users that are waiting to hear from you. Social media platforms keep on improving and introducing new features to give the user, for example, e-commerce on social media.

Absolutely, yes.

Training & Consultancy

Absolutely, you can cancel and reschedule at any time.

Absolutely, yes.

Yes, you can become a Pro in a week.

Consultations can be done at any hour of the day, flexibility is the keyword here.

Yes, you will receive a globally recognized certificate.

General questions

Every penny of it.

Fortunately, No. I have associates who assist me.

Rumour has it that I charge a dollar per word and a hundred dollars for an hour of my time but rumours can be misleading sometimes, so please ask for a quote.

That’s a very sensitive topic, are you sure you want to go there?

Each service has a unique refund policy which is revealed to the client during the onboarding process.

Because it is the best way for leaders to communicate their agendas with the world.

Is that even a real question? Anyway, I am the co-founder of Hookit, a digital transformation agency that offers half of the mentioned services. The other half? Well, let’s just say I am well connected, the reason why I have been nicknamed ‘The Corporate Plug’.

If I haven’t answered your question yet, please drop me a line.