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Nasibu is a new age entrepreneur who sells ‘business growth solutions’ through communicative and masterpieces that do exactly as intended – help businesses grow their market shares.

Here is what his clients and associates have to say about him. These people know Nasibu and his work too well.

“Nasibu is extremely easy to work with. He has great breadth and depth and finds the underlying cause of what you are facing. He is a great brainstormer and problem solver, and always provides many options on how to tackle problems. He has many tools. He provides value by knowing which tool to use for which problem.”

Zalia Mbeo

PR Manager, Bank of Tanzania

“He is excellent at generating ideas and uncovering insights. He is a strong, resourceful writer and creative director who is thoughtful and conscientious in his approach.”

“He asks many questions to understand not only the content strategy but also the business strategy behind the creative project. This allows him to provide the most possible value. I can always depend on Nasibu to hand in excellent work.”

Lusajo Mwakitalima

CEO, WeGrow Agency Limited​

“I discovered Nasibu’s storytelling talent when I was his editor many years ago at Mlimani TV, he has a settled mind and does just exactly what you need and a little bit more, surprisingly.”

“I am not surprised but proud of who he has become.”

Amini Mgheni

Editor & Journalist, Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation

“Nasibu is an excellent writer who can tackle complex subjects and do the necessary research to create quality content. He excels at writing material that is compelling and interesting for the reader.”

“He’s also easy to work with and requires very little editing – qualities that are a huge plus! I highly recommend him.”

Henry Lyimo

Editor, Daily News

“Nasibu was instrumental in creating our first issue and helped set it off into the right distribution channels fit for our audience and continually provides work of the highest quality across all traditional and digital platforms.”

“Nasibu is a pleasure to work with and always produces work that is on time and minds the budget.”

Hassan Kiyungi

Director, Mema Tanzania

“I have always felt that he displays a higher level of deliverance, perfection, flexibility and wonderful leadership charisma.”

“He strives to provide excellence with each transaction, and I sincerely believe that will describe your experience with him when you opt to work with him.”

Gaddy Gilleard

Managing Director, HOOKIT

“Nasibu really cares about his clients and their success and he doesn’t forget about you. He is checking in with you and if the outcome is not what you want, he is genuinely disappointed.”

Ally Rehmtullah

Fashion Designer

“I was stuck when producing a real estate TV Show for a number of reasons, then a mutual friend linked us up, he was still a college student back then but his post-production input and creative ideas had superseded our expectations.”

Emil Sylvester

Managing Director, Terranova Company Limited

“Nasibu listens to what his customer is saying and then articulates it in a more powerful, effective and localized translation that the audience understands.”

Remmy Eseka

Country Director, Bolt Tanzania

“His artistry is probably hereditary.”

Abdillah Mtasiwa

CEO, Pedelione PLC

“Nasibu quickly gets the broader picture of the project. He goes beyond doing simply what he was hired for and gets immersed in the culture and politics of the company.”

“He is exquisitely fine-tuned to the needs of his clients.”

Zamaradi Kawawa

Asst. Director, Information Department Services

“I think I am not the only client of Nasibu who has found that you end up having a friendship as well as a client relationship. That is additional icing on the cake for anyone who gets to work with him.”

Idrisa Magesa

Founder, Habpap

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